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Cloth diapers for newborns -Top 5 Common Questions and Answers

Cloth diapers for newborns -Top 5 Common Questions and Answers

1. Why use the cloth diapers for newborns?

It is not only baby-friendly but also environmentally friendly to use natural diapers. This is because typically such diapers are made from recycled resources. Those cloth diapers are therefore biodegradable compared to ordinary forms that will take hundreds of years to decompose.

You will save hundreds of dollars on disposable diapers, according to Consumer Reports. In a few years, your child wears them, disposables will cost between $1,500 and $2,000 or more, and they are even higher for eco-friendly products. Cloth diapers are the best thing for your baby. Starting small is ok. Every cloth diaper change you do keeps one disposable diaper out of a landfill.


2. What Pockets type of cloth diapers are?

Pockets consist of two parts: a diaper with an inner wicking layer and an outer layer waterproof with a pocket opening between them; and an absorbent insert. Don’t forget to buy inserts.

inserts diaper    

3. How many cloth diaper covers and inserts do you need for newborn babies?

Cloth diapers need to be changing as soon as baby wets, otherwise leakage and diaper rash occurs. Parents who start using disposable diapers were fooled by diaper companies to believe they might keep a diaper on for 4-12 hours.

If you want to wash every other day, it seems that 24 diapers are a good place to be for the newborn period. If you use a cloth diapering system that requires inserts, then you will need to buy at least 36 inserts. 


             Age                                                                          Diapers Needed

Newborn to 5 months

(12 diaper changes each day.)                                                  18-24 diapers


5 Months to 1 Year

(8-10 diaper changes each

day.)                                                                                      12-18 diapers


4. How to use cloth diapers for newborns baby?


5. Cloth Diapers How Often Should You Wash?

Most parents who use cloth diapers wash a load of them every day or two. Any longer than that and they're going to start stinking and stains could set in. So make sure you've got enough clean diapers on hand to last you for at least a few days.

We suggest that you wash your diapers in cloth every two days. That means you want to have enough on hand for two normal days plus any emergencies at the bathroom. You may want 25 cloth diapers (10 per day x 2 days + 5 extra emergency diapers) if you have a newborn, so you don't wash a load of cloth diapers each day.


Follow these basic steps to launder cloth diapers:

  • Remove inserts from pocket diapers.
  • Always use the highest water level allowed by your washer.
  • Begin with a cold rinse, no detergent.
  • After the cold rinse, run a regular wash cycle on hot, using 1/4 cup detergent. If you're using a cloth diaper detergent, follow the instructions on the package.
  • Follow up with an extra rinse on cold.

Choosing the best natural diaper over the ordinary one brings safety to both your baby and the world is a huge decision! Each change cloth diaper you make takes one disposable diaper out of trash.


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