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laylloo Silicone Feeder Silicone Feeder Fresh Food for Baby feeding laylloo Silicone Feeder Silicone Feeder Fresh Food for Baby feeding
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Silicone Feeder Fresh Food for Baby feeding 

The Silicone Feeder can be used to suck different food types with the exception of liquid food, which improves your newborn's nutrition and helps you baby grow healthy.

3 different sizes of silicone feeder for supplies of babies of different ages. One of these fruit nipples is required for every growing baby. Such a silicone feeder can be used for the storing of fruit, food, ice chips, breast milk, and even medicinal items. It alleviates the sickening itchy gum in your newborn baby and helps build their mouth muscles at the same time. 

Please note: Delivery takes 2-3 weeks

Laylloo Pacifier Cute Funny pacifier for Baby Laylloo Pacifier Cute Funny pacifier for Baby
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Cute Funny pacifier for Baby


This cute baby pacifier is ultra-soft silicone nipple, no card face, good sucking taste.

Lightweight design, the entire pacifier can bite the baby's mouth shape, not falling, so that the baby has no burden, no pressure.

The shape of the pacifier allows the baby to get close to the real feeling when sucking, helping the baby to settle the mood and promote the movement of the brain.

Let the baby's lips and nipple fit well, and not easy to resist when sucking. Help your baby breathing with the nose, doesn't block the nose, easy to clean/tolerate high temperature boiled

The whole nipple uses food-grade silica gel to simulate the softness of breast milk, so the baby is satisfied.

With an integrated design, there is no risk of accessories falling off and no hidden dangers. Daily cleaning and maintenance is more convenient.

High-temperature resistance will not be deformed and can be boiled and disinfected at high temperatures.

Nitrosamine Free, BPA Free, Latex Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free.

Please note: Before first use, sterilize the pacifier in boiling water for 5 minutes and allow pacifier to cool.

Please use it under the supervision of an adult.

If it is damaged, please change the pacifier.

Disinfect before using and after using

Don't add rope to avoid hurting your baby.

When your baby falls asleep, please take it off in time.

Please replace after using 1-2 months

Delivery time 14-21 days

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